Lumexis FTTS® IFE Systems

Best By Every Measure

Lightest Weight * Greatest Capacity * Lowest Cost * Highest Reliability

FTTS eliminates all equipment boxes between the server and the seat-back IFE screens.

With fewer parts, FTTS is lighter than other embedded IFE systems while providing higher system reliability and lower maintenance costs.

And with the introduction of FTTS Second Screen™ passengers will be able to utilise two or more screens simultaneously at their seat - without interrupting the HD movie running on FTTS's superb highest resolution monitors.

The Lumexis Difference

In-Seat AVOD Technology (FTTS)

Like consumer mobile phones, TVs and laptops, IFE solutions will evolve and continue to change the way we travel. Lumexis is the answer for today and the future.

Three Day Retrofit

Give us as little as three days… we’ll give you a brand new in-seat IFE system.

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